High End Capabilities

R E Thompson is a precision engineer with over 75 years’ experience providing complete manufacturing solutions to customers.We offer rapid response times to match tight project deadlines by using advanced pallet systems and in-house automation, which enable us to turn around and change parts within hours. Our mission is to solve customers' problems by providing them with outstanding precision manufacturing solutions View All Manufacturing Capabilities

5-Axis CNC Machining

Complex manufacturing capabilities. Low to high production volumes. Small to large components. We consistently invest in the latest machines to stay ahead in the ever-evolving engineering industry. Our machines deliver exceptional precision, ensuring that manufactured parts meet the required specifications consistently View Manufacturing Capabilities
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Rapid Machining Services

Need your parts fast without compromising on quality? With automation, we have it covered. The combination of precision engineering principles and rapid machining techniques allows for the efficient and accurate production of complex parts within tight timelines View Manufacturing Capabilities

Small to Large Component Machining

Capable of manufacturing components up to 65cm x 150cm to very tight tolerances. We can produce intricate parts or large-scale components, precision engineering ensures the accurate and reliable manufacturing of these critical components. Contact us to find out more
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We operate 24/7 lights-out, automated manufacturing with advanced pallet systems, meaning high adaptability, fast response times and lower costs. Precision engineering and automation go hand in hand to enhance productivity, efficiency, and accuracy in manufacturing processes View Manufacturing Capabilities

Trusted by our customers

We value long-term, collaborative partnerships and many of our customers in the aerospace, defence, automotive and electronics industries have worked with us for over 20 years
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An extensive range of manufacturing materials to suit specific machining and industry requirements


We work in true partnership with customers to offer bespoke, end-to-end manufacturing solutions

Quality &

Our dedication to perfection throughout the entire manufacturing process is key to our customers’ success


We implement 99% recyclable packaging, energy-efficient air compressors and swarf recycling
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