Published - 29th Mar 2021
RET Ready for further expansion

RET have been working 24/5 with a night shift for over 30 years, but 13 years ago we made a major change to the way we worked. A ground-breaking investment of over £3.6 million in DMG MORI machining centres linked to FASTEMS pallet systems paved the way for moving to fully automated lights-out manufacturing.

In the past 20 years RET have never stopped investing in machining centres that work lights-out and in programming systems and methodologies that support continuous manufacture. Because of that constant investment and improvement RET stand ready for further growth and expansion in the next 12 months.

This type of lights-out running has driven value for our Customers, long-term contract support and scheduled on-time deliveries for the past 20 years. That extensive experience combined with existing new investment plans means we are prepared for expansion with existing and new customers in 2021-22.

We will shortly be announcing new investment in next-generation machining centres – watch this space!

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