In-House Component Assembly

Assembly must never be an afterthought at the end of manufacturing. RET work with you to ensure all aspects of production are planned – using PPAP principles where appropriate so that the final product is produced to meet your needs at the best cost possible.

RET have worked on aircraft component assembly for over 40 years and continue to invest in equipment, methodology and tooling to increase accuracy and productivity. The most recent example is a DEPRAG Screwdriving System for accuracy and reproducibility, as seen in the case study below:

Cockpit Monitor Assembly

DEPRAG Cockpit

Maintain an overview of your screwdriving systems with the DEPRAG Cockpit. The software enables supervision and analysis of assembly tasks (condition monitoring) and provides analysis tools for continuous process optimisation, recognition of trends and predictive maintenance. The DEPRAG Cockpit can even be used to supervise and analyse screwdriving systems from other manufacturers.